Have you been looking for ways to make more money from your blog? Well, selling digital products is a great way to easily monetise your blog with our having to go down the route of accepting sponsorships or paid ads. It requires a little upfront effort for long term gains and passive income.  Sendowl is a great service that you can use to easily sell digital products from your blog or website! Here are a few examples of digital products you could sell from your blog with sendowl

E-Books and Guides

Ever thought of writing an e-book? Well its probably easier than you thought! You could put together an educational book, biography, recipe book, or local area guide book, and sell it to your fans with Sendowl

Stock Photos

Many online business’s and bloggers don’t have time to take their own photos, so if you have an eye for photography, you could bundle and sell your images to other people!

Sewing and Knitting and Crochet Patterns

If you are a fan of making your own patterns, these are a greeting you can sell to other people to make a passive income! You only need to create a pattern once and people can download it over and over again.

Guided Meditations

Health and wellness is becoming increasingly popular, people are starting to make more effort look after their mental health, so if you have experience with meditation, why not share your knowledge with others by creating downloadable guided meditations.

Training and Course Packages

If you are knowledgeable about a particular subject, why not put together a training package or course that people and easily download for a small fee?

Design Templates

You could sell flyer designs, party or wedding invitation templates, or signs that people can download and print themselves.


For people who are on a budget, downloading digital artwork that they can print at home is a great way for people to add colour and interest to their homes without the price tag of buying ready printed or original art! If you are artistic, or have an art blog already, this can be a great way to make extra money!

Join other peoples affiliate programs

Don’t have any products of your own to sell yet? Don’t worry! You can still join other peoples affiliate programs on sendowl, and receive a commission for each sale that is made through your link!

How to use sendowl

  1. Go to sendowl.com and create an account
  2. Choose a free or paid account, it’s free to join as an affiliate, or just $9 per month if you want to upgrade your account and sell your own products! You can even invite others to join your own affiliate program to help you sell more of your own products!
  3. Make sure you have a paypal or stripe account so you can get paid when you make your first sale.
  4. Get selling! Sell digital products on your blog, or social media, and invite affiliates to help you sell in return for a commission.

Do you sell digital products with sendowl yet? If there is anything I haven’t added, let me know in the comments!

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